You Can Help!

You Can Help!


Each and every day young men and women serve our country so we keep our freedoms. Without them our rights and freedoms, and our life as we know it would be gone.

Each day veterans who have
courageously served us are
going hungry, are sick, and
in need. Many of our heroes
are suffering. Please help.


That’s right, many brave young men and women who serve, return home broken… broken physically, mentally, and in spirit. Food clothing and shelter are only a dream for many of our men and women who proudly served our country.

Unfortunately, they haven’t received the assistance they deserve and need.  They’re often lost in a system of paperwork and bureaucracy. That is why the Veteran Memorial Foundation exists. As our Mission Statement defines below, we are an organization dedicated to helping veterans in need.

“Veteran Memorial Foundation is dedicated to helping raise funds for support and to making sure that support is delivered to our Veterans. Giving to those who first gave to us without question, so we can someday say, not one of our Veterans is suffering hard times.”

All donations go directly to help these needy veterans.

The organizers and supporters of the Veteran Memorial Foundation thank you in advance for your donation and support.

Your donation will help needy veterans to:

1) Have much needed food clothing and shelter.

2) Receive much needed guidance and help to navigate government benefits available to military personnel and their families.

3) Help build connections between veterans, establishing a network of peers to provide the necessary assistance, friendship, and inspiration.

Make room in your charity for these who served you and your family.  Give to those who first gave to you without question, so we can someday say, not one of our Veterans is suffering hard times.  We owe them that much.

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